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IEEE 802.1CS-2020 Download PDF

IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks--Link-local Registration Protocol
standard by IEEE, 04/23/2021

IEEE 1003.0-1995 Download PDF

IEEE Guide to the POSIX Open System Environment (OSE)
standard by IEEE, 11/30/1994

IEEE 1302-1998 Download PDF

IEEE Guide for the Electromagnetic Characterization of Conductive Gaskets in the Frequency Range DC to 18GHz
standard by IEEE, 06/26/1998

IEEE 1012-1998 Download PDF

IEEE Standard for Software Verification and Validation
standard by IEEE, 07/20/1998

IEEE 1050-1996 Download PDF

IEEE Guide for Instrumentation and Control Equipment Grounding in Generating Stations
standard by IEEE, 09/17/1996

IEEE 1057-2017 Download PDF

IEEE Standard for Digitizing Waveform Recorders
standard by IEEE, 01/26/2018

IEEE 1076.6-1999 Download PDF

IEEE Standard for VHDL Register Transfer Level Synthesis
standard by IEEE, 03/10/2000

IEEE 1095-1989 Download PDF

IEEE Guide for Installation of Vertical Generators and Generator/Motors for Hydroelectric Applications
standard by IEEE, 02/16/1990

IEEE 122-1991 Download PDF

IEEE Recommended Practice for Functional and Performance Characteristics of Control Systems for Steam Turbine-Generator Units
standard by IEEE, 04/15/1992

IEEE 1420.1-1995 Download PDF

IEEE Standard for Information Technology - Software Reuse - Data Model for Reuse Library Interoperability: Basic Interoperability Data Model (BIDM)
standard by IEEE, 11/30/1995