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This is the second edition of CSA Z246.1, Security management for petroleum and natural gas industry systems. It supersedes the previous edition published in 2009.This Standard uses the concept of a security management program, and in particular risk management, to address security issues. This Standard provides a performance-based approach for use by the operator to establish governance, conduct planning, implement and improve security operations (including detection and mitigation practices), and refine the security management program through change management and audit processes. This approach allows users to apply this Standard across the petroleum and natural gas industry.This Standard is one of several security risk management tools. Operators should work with other industries, as well as governmental agencies, in order to effectively manage the security of their energy infrastructure. A security management program should complement existing programs and should consider the risks and criticality of the assets being protected. Therefore, this Standard should be read in conjunction with other security legislation, safety legislation, best practices, policies, standards, and applicable codes (e.g., CSA Z662, CAN/CSA-ISO 31000, and CSA Z1600).

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